Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Volunteer Service and Education Hours Changing

A recent note from Mira Blutatovic-Danalovich, State Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator reports:

The International MG has been working on standardizing the Program and part of that effort is establishing new guidelines for the Initial certification and re-certification…

FYI ... the International MG (IMG) also establishes guidelines for Volunteer & Educational Hours for MG to remain active. As of December 2014, the IMG raised the National Standard for state extension MG to strive to meet to:

  • "requires volunteer service hour; 40-hour volunteer service minimum in the initial training year and 20-hour volunteer service minimum in subsequent years
  •  requires annual continuing education and professional development hours; 10 hours minimum annually in years following initial training"

For more information on the change click the image below to read the full report:

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