Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12 Field Trip - R. L. and Linda Mallory's Home

The May 12 CCMGA field trip to the home of R. L. and Linda Mallory was a great one.  We had about 20 members present to walk through the gardens and learn more about the varied and unusual plants.  We learned about water gardens, vegetable gardens, native plants and even winter hardy banana trees. 
We went into the tropical greenhouse and were amazed by the cacti, succulents and tropical flowers.  Linda gave us tips on how to grow and propagate these beautiful and interesting plants.  We then had a chance to put her advice into practice by making arrangements of cacti and succulents. 
We had two hours of great gardening education as well as great conversation and inspiration.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Perennial Exchange and Plant Sale

As in previous years, the Cabell County Master Gardener Association is holding a Perennial Exchange and Plant Sale.  However, this year it is being held in conjunction with the Sustainability Fair on Pullman Square.
Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact the coordinator of the Perennial Exchange, Sean Kelly (s_lkelly@yahoo.com) to sign up.  Sean is also looking for donated plants to sell on Saturday.
Please come and swap perennials (no woody plants permitted) and shop for some great plants for your garden.
The booths at the Sustainability Fair are in the images below: