Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Master Gardener Classes Continue

The 2016 class for new Master Gardeners is going along very smoothly.  Debbie Martin, Jane Wilson and Connie Berk have made the class run smoothly with a group of engaging speakers.  Debbie, Jane and Connie are pleased to report that 17 new Master Gardeners are in the class and are moving through the content well.  In addition, many of our current CCMGA members have been coming to assist, earning volunteer service credits or to engage in the lesson, earning education hours.  It is wonderful to see our experienced Master Gardeners forming bonds with the new group.  I know that everyone is excited to see this many new Master Gardeners for our group.  Any current CCMGA members are invited to come meet the new members and join in any of the upcoming classes.  The class schedule is available on the Education tab of our website.
At the January 26 session on Basic Botany our group's photographer, Victor Simpson, took some shots of the class learning about the structures of plants.  Many thanks to Victor!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Master Gardener Class

The first meeting of the 2016 Master Gardener class met last night at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church.  Debbie, Jane & Connie have done great work in assembling an interesting and informative slate of classes to move the MGITs toward completing the requirements for certification.  The 14 members of the class are eager to get started in the process and have a varied set of gardening interests.
If you are available on one or more of the class nights, please consider coming to the church and joining the group.  The class on Tuesday, January 12 promises to be an excellent class with Myra Simmons sharing her wealth of knowledge on perennials.  Myra is always a very engaging presenter.

You can use the Master Gardener classes to earn either education or volunteer service credits.  Having current CCMGA members available can be an important show of support for them in as they are in the process of certification.  Please make certain to invite them to come to our first meeting of 2016 at 11 am on February 20 (weather permitting) at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church where Lori Bowling will share more information on deer and drought resistant gardening.