Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 WSAZ Home & Garden Show Speakers

Friday March 11th
5 PM
Dr. Chuck Talbott
Growing Farmers & Carrots In Putnam Co
6 PM
Dr. Monica Valentovic
Helpful Hints on Growing Roses

Saturday March 12th
12 PM
Grant Bishop
Home & Garden Pesticide Safety
1 PM
Archie & Linda Snedegar
Growing Roses Successfully
2 PM
Northeastern Beekeepers Assoc
Spring Bee Care
3 PM
John Porter
Avoiding Common Garden Myths
4 PM
Lyndall Harned
5 PM
Boyd Co Master Gardeners
Rain Barrel Construction
6 PM
Boyd Co Master Gardeners
How To Paint Your Rain Barrel

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Working with Children

The WVU Extension Office now has a policy that Master Gardeners who will be working with children must complete a certification quiz and background check.  In communications with the WVU Volunteer Leadership Development Specialist that there is no cost to CCMGA or to members for these.  This certification and background check only applies to members who plan to work with children.

At this time, the details are still being sorted out.  The certification quiz appears to work fine and the certificate can be saved and printed.  It appears that someone at WVU needs to enter information for the background check.  The Extension Office has requested that everyone enter their legal name in the database rather than a nickname to assure a more reliable background check.
Time that you spend reading the handbook and taking the quiz counts as volunteer hours.
As we learn more about this process, information will be shared at a CCMGA meeting.