Monday, March 15, 2021


March Madness: The strong urge to plant something. Anything!!!
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Look Around
After months of grays and greens and a cold that has too often kept us housebound, we look forward to the color and promise of spring flowers. March is a month of transition, and we watch spring settle in as the days go by. Those in the know have been enjoying the beautiful winter blooms of hellebores. A walk in the neighborhood brings a smile as we see emerging daffodils, and what a delight to happen upon the blooms of crocus, snowdrops, or dwarf iris! 

We notice the swelling leaf and flower buds of trees and shrubs, and we follow the day-by-day progress as the buds break and leaves and flowers emerge. Forsythias are the heralds of spring’s arrival, with their bright yellow displays. Cornelian cherry trees delight us with small but abundant deep yellow blooms that light up the sky. We breathe in the fruity scent of the star magnolia’s white blooms when we pass it by.

Venturing out into woods and meadows rewards us with the sight of early wildflower blooms. Trout lilies, spring beauties, hepatica, skunk cabbage, anemones, violets….the list goes on, and when we frequent these areas we can watch the progression and growing display with each new day.  

But before we end this March stroll we look up. High in the branches of the red maples populating our neighborhoods is an often-overlooked beauty.  The delicate ruby-red flowers of the red maple take our breath away. We search for a low limb or open our cell phone cameras for a closer examination of the delicate anthers and styles.  The absence of leaves allows these flowers to take center stage, and they are fine actors indeed. Look up. Look around.
K Edgington

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