Thursday, December 7, 2017

Putnam County Master Gardeners to Conduct 2018 Fruit Tree Fundraiser

The Putnam County Master Gardeners are conducting a Fruit Tree Fundraiser during the months of December and January.  The public is invited to place their order for trees from Adams County Nursery, Inc. in PA with a bulk order placed by the local Master Gardener association.  Pending on the total number of trees that the group orders, typical savings per tree (when ordering 100 trees or more) are $18/tree for apple and pear varieties and approximately $17/tree for peach, plum and cherry trees.  Two yeqrs ago, we ordered 150 trees and trees averaged $12 -$15 per tree.  Orders and payments must be received by January 30th.  Price breaks, premium charges, disease resistant varieties, rootstocks and pollination considerations are located at the company’s website (  A limited number of catalogues are available at the WVU Putnam County Extension Office.  A donation to the Putnam County Master Gardeners of ($2) per tree, depending on the number of trees ordered, will be collected for each tree order.  To place an order or for further questions, call the Kari Wilger at 304-767-5583 or email her at 

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