Monday, March 16, 2015

Orders for Mills Magic Mix

Orders for Mills Magic Mix, Mills Easy Feed, and other Beaty Fertilizer Company products will be taken by calling Gary Rankin or Monica Valentovic (304-697-0321). You can also send your order by email to or Mills Magic Mix is an excellent organic fertilizer. The components of Mills Magic Mix include: alfalfa meal, bone meal, fish meal, sewer sludge and cottonseed meal. One 20-pound bag will feed either 30 large roses or 60 miniatures one time. It is best to feed your roses Mills Magic Mix in the spring and give another feeding in mid-July. Feeding two times adds organic matter to the soil and provides a slow, non-burning feeding of your roses. Mills Magic Mix when applied in the spring helps increase microbial activity in the soil. Each bag will cost $18.00, if he can get an order of 50 bags. This is a big savings from the normal retail price of $29 for one 20# bag. That is a savings of $11/bag and our cost includes shipping provided you order through the rose society!!
He also will take orders for Mills Easy Feed liquid. This is a complete formula that can be used to fertilize your roses and contains magnesium and fish emulsion components. The cost of Mills Easy Feed half gallon is $14.20 for 1/2 gallon (feeds 128 roses at a level of 1 TBSP/gallon water) and $25.40 for a gallon. is selling a gallon for $39.99. He will try to get the Mills Magic Mix and Easy Feed delivered by April.
Other products that are also available include:
  • Alfalfa meal (50#, $25.60)
  • Blood Meal (50# $65.00)
  • Bone Meal (50#, $35.00)
  • Fish Meal (50#, $65.00)
  • Green Sand (50# $35.00)
  • Worm Castings (40#, $19.00)
  • Fish emulsion (1 gal, $13.40)
  • Humic Acid (1 gal, $13.40)
  • Liquid Seaweed (1 gal, $22.40)
  • Super Thrive (1 pint, $30.00)

A time release product being offered by Beaty Fertilizer Company is BloomKote. BloomKote is a 16-18-14 time release fertilizer plus minors formulated to specifically feed roses for four (4) months. A 20# tub is $39.00 (1 cup/rose, feeds 35 roses). A 40# tub is $70.00. Another product is Rose Starter Fertilizer (11-40-6 with minors). A 40# bag is $30.60.

Gary and Monica will need your order by the end of March but may have some remaining products that they can bring to our June meeting to sell.

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