Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015 CCMGA Picnic

Thanks to the outstanding CCMGA cooks, the 2015 picnic at Barboursville Park on August 29 was a huge success.  While R. L. Mallory and Tom Bell manned the grill, we held our August business meeting.  Members who earned Master Gardener certification since our last meeting were recognized with the presentation of certificates and name badges by Debbie Martin and Jane Wilson representing the education committee.  We learned that our advisor and former WVU Extension Agent for Cabell County, Rich Sherman, has accepted a position as agriculture science teacher in Minford, Ohio.  The group expressed concern that WVU place an agent in Cabell County to replace Rich as soon as possible.
A number of our members and guest took home garden related door prizes.  Steve Beckelhimer donated 25 mason bee nests that he built this summer.  The membership can decide whether to sell these houses as a fund raiser or to give them away as door prizes at future meetings. 
After our meal, geocachers, Brian Cordle and Austin Mullins, introduced our group to geocaching in Barboursville Park.  Our group worked in teams to use GPS receivers to find hints in hidden containers to solve a gardening puzzle.  Everyone had a great time.  Many thanks to Brian and Austin for giving our group a great learning experience.

Plans continue for the 2016 MGIT classes.  All classes will be held at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church on Tuesdays from 6:30 – 9:00 pm beginning January 5, 2016.  At the October meeting a list will be available for members to sign up to assist with one or more classes.  Members can earn either education or volunteer service hours by assisting with a class.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

WVU Extension Office

Our adviser, Cabell County’s WVU Extension Agent, Rich Sherman, has asked that our members contact the members of the Cabell County Commission regarding the location of the Extension Office.  The letter below has been prepared for us by our recording secretary, Connie Berk.  A copy of the letter will be at the CCMGA picnic on August 29 for any member who would like to sign.  In addition, any member is invited to prepare an individual letter to the Commission.  All letters will be given to Extension Agent, Nila Cobb, who will present the letters to the Commissioners as a packet. Connie's letter is included below for your review and comment.  Please use the comment link at the bottom of the post to indicate any revisions that you would like to suggest.


August 29, 2015
Dear Cabell County Commission Members,
The membership of the Cabell County Master Gardener Association, Inc. would like to express our support for the acquisition of the FOP property on 4-H Camp Road near Barboursville, WV to become the new location for the Cabell County WVU Extension Office. 
The current location on Howell’s Mill Road is at the site of the old county farm and is not only inadequate but is also becoming a dangerous building.  The ceilings are falling in and the floors are sagging to the point of near collapse.  In addition, with the increased utilization of courthouse services at the adjacent building, parking for the Extension Office is limited at best.
We believe that the building near the 4-H Camp will provide plenty of space, allowing the Extension Office to hold courses and to serve the agriculture needs of the citizens of Cabell County, WV.  The building has a great deal of usable space, adequate parking and is a much safer site for both Extension Office employees and visitors alike.  This will be a much more inviting space to work in and to visit.
It is our understanding that the WVU Extension Service would provide the funding to remodel and finish the building, to make the space meet the specific needs of the Service.  The membership of the Cabell County Master Gardener Association, Inc. is very supportive of the WVU Extension Service and are willing to assist with the transition in any way.  Many Association members with trucks have even volunteered to transport items from the existing office to the new location, if approved.
In summary, the following members of the Cabell County Master Gardener Association, Inc. urge the Cabell County Commission to please consider approval of the purchase of the FOP building near the 4-H Camp in Barboursville, WV for use by the WVU Extension Service.
Thank you for considering our request.